After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools | 50 Sample Death Notification Statement for Parents This death notification statement is to be sent by the most efficient and effective method(s) for the school, including e-mail, text, printed copy sent home with students, or regular mail. It can also be posted on the school’s website and social media accounts. If there is a resource about talking to students and children about suicide, it should be shared. It should be translated for parents who may know little or no English. See AFSP’s Children, Teens and Suicide Loss for information about how to talk to students about suicide. Option 1 – When the Death Has Been Ruled a Suicide I am so sorry to tell you all that one of our students, [NAME], has died. Our thoughts and sympathies are with [HIS/HER] family and friends. All of the students were given the news of the death by their teacher in [ADVISORY/HOMEROOM] this morning. I have included a copy of the announcement that was read to them. The cause of death was suicide. Suicide is a very complicated act. Although we may never know why [NAME] ended [HIS/HER] life, we do know that suicide has multiple causes. In many cases, a mental health condition is part of it. But these conditions are treatable. It’s really important if you or your child are not feeling well in any way to reach out for help. Suicide should not be an option. I am including some information that may be helpful to you in discussing suicide with your child. Members of our Crisis Response Team are available to meet with students individually and in groups today as well as over the coming days and weeks. Please contact the school office if you feel your child is in need of additional assistance. Note that children who are already vulnerable may be at greater risk due to exposure to the suicide of a peer. If you or your child needs help right away, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), call 911, or take your child to the nearest crisis center or emergency department. Information about the funeral service will be made available as soon as we have it. If your child wishes to attend, we strongly encourage you to accompany him or her to the service. If the funeral is scheduled during school hours, students who wish to attend will need parental permission to be released from school. The school will be hosting a meeting for parents and others in the community at [DATE/TIME/LOCATION]. Members of our Crisis Response Team [OR NAME SPECIFIC MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS] will be present to provide information about common reactions following a suicide and how adults can help youth cope. They will also provide information about suicide and mental illness in adolescents, including risk factors and warning signs of suicide, and will address attendees’ questions and concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the school mental health professionals. We can be reached by calling [PHONE NUMBER, EXTENSION]. Sincerely, [PRINCIPAL’S NAME]