After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools | 46 • • Brief staff about identifying and referring at-risk students as well as the need to keep records of those efforts. • • Let staff know about any outside crisis responders or others who will be assisting. • • Remind staff of student and staff dismissal protocols for the funeral. • • Identify which Crisis Response Team member has been designated as the media spokesperson, and instruct staff to refer all media inquiries to him or her. End of the First Day It can also be helpful for the Crisis Response Team coordinator and/or assistant coordinator to have an all-staff meeting at the end of the first day. This meeting provides an opportunity to take the following steps: • • Offer verbal appreciation of the staff. • • Review the day’s challenges and successes, including any students of particular concern. • • Debrief, share experiences, express concerns, and ask questions. • • Check in with staff to assess whether any of them need additional support, and refer accordingly. • • Disseminate information regarding the death and/or funeral arrangements. • • Discuss plans for the next day. • • Remind staff of the importance of self-care. • • Remind staff of the importance of documenting crisis response efforts for future planning and understanding.