After a Suicide: A Toolkit for Schools | 10 Other Key Activities These activities can be implemented by the team coordinator, assistant coordinator, and/or other designated staff, depending on the activity and the specific situation: Safety • • Keep to regular school hours. • • Ensure that students follow established dismissal procedures. • • Call on school resource officers or facilities managers to assist parents and others who may show up at the school with inquiries and to keep media off school grounds. • • Pay attention to students who are having particular difficulty, including those who are either withdrawing from others or congregating in hallways and bathrooms. Encourage them to talk with counselors or other appropriate school staff. Support for Staff and Students • • Assign a staff member to follow the deceased student’s schedule to monitor peer reactions and answer questions. It is also important to monitor staff reactions to the death. • • If possible, arrange for several substitute teachers or “floaters” from other schools within the district (or outside consultants) to be on hand in the building in case teachers need to take time out of their classrooms. • • If possible, identify an easily accessible mechanism for students to request support (e.g., be able to request a pass to meet with a counselor or others) throughout the day. • • Arrange for crisis counseling rooms for staff and students. • • Provide tissues and water throughout the building and arrange for food for teachers and crisis counselors who may be giving up lunch periods to respond to students. • • Work with the administration, teachers, and school mental health professionals to identify individuals who may be having particular difficulty, such as family members, close friends, and teammates; those who had difficulties with the deceased; those who may have witnessed the death; and students known to have depression or prior suicidality. • • Work with school-based mental health professionals to develop plans to provide counseling and referrals to those who need it. • • Prepare to track and respond to student and/or family requests for memorialization. Community Liaisons • • Several team members will be needed, each serving as the primary contact for working with community partners of various types, including: o o Coroner/medical examiner – To ensure accuracy of information disseminated to school community o o Police – As necessary, particularly if an investigation about the death occurs, and the police wish to speak with school staff o o Mayor’s office and local government – To facilitate a community-wide response to the suicide death