Outreach Employees access your customized ISP website through a link on your EAP website. Employees are encouraged to submit a stress and depression questionnaire. Connection Employees complete the questionnaire and within 24-48 business hours, EAP counselors log in and post a personalized response with feedback and recommendations for next steps. Engagement Employees review the counselor’s responses. Then, using ISP’s dialogue feature, employees and counselors can exchange messages about mental health resources and service offerings available through your EAP. ISP is a Best Practice Organizations and workplaces across the country are using ISP to offer help to employees and encourage them to connect with mental health services before crises emerge. Program findings consistently demonstrate the success of ISP, including: • 95% of employees who completed the questionnaire indicated moderate to high levels of distress; 90% were not receiving treatment • 80% of employees returned to the website to review the counselor’s response to their questionnaire • Employees who exchanged dialogue messages with the counselor were 3 times more likely to request an appointment or referral from the EAP counselor How ISP Works ISP is the only online screening program where employees receive feedback, support and encouragement from an EAP counselor. Each Employee Assistance Program (EAP) receives its own fully customized ISP website, where employees can: • Take a brief stress and depression questionnaire • Receive a personalized response from an EAP counselor • Exchange messages with the counselor — ask questions and learn about available services • Get feedback and encouragement • Request an appointment or referral “Through ISP, I was finally able to let someone know how badly I was feeling without any judgment and in a confidential manner.” – Anonymous Employee ISP Key Principles ISP’s key principles help increase employees’ sense of connectedness and positive attitudes toward mental health care. Employee Anonymity Employees feel more comfortable admitting their concerns and asking questions. Personalized Contact with EAP Counselors Instead of computerized feedback, employees receive a response to their questionnaire from a EAP counselor. Connection to Employees’ Experience EAP counselors make employees feel validated by responding to their experience rather than suggesting diagnoses or emphasizing the “need” for treatment. Interactive Engagement Employees and counselors work together to lessen employees’ concerns about seeking services.